March 10, 2017
If you have been following my work for a while you may have wondered what is in my camera bag (or backpack in this case).  So when I had slow day I emptied out my gear to show what I carry to every interior shoot.  Granted, I may not use every single piece of equipment every time, but a lot of it is used in almost every shoot.  Underneath the photo I have explained what each piece of equipment is/how I use it--just follow the corresponding numbers to learn what I use.  The two pieces of major equipment that are not pictured (because they do not fit in my bag) are my tripod and tripod head.  So let's open up the bag and find out what's in it...

1 - The Sony a7 full frame camera is my main camera body.  Attached is a L bracket for mounting onto my tripod.

2 - The Sony a7s camera with Meke battery grip for triggering the camera remotely when it is attached to my painter's pole for elevated shots.

3 - Sony 16-35 wide angle zoom lens.  My primary lens for shooting interiors.

4 - Canon 17mm tilt-shift lens.  It is a specialty lens for architecture and interiors--one of the sharpest lenses I have every owned.

5 - Sony 10-18 wide angle zoom lens.  This lens is only for crop cameras but I use it on my Sony a7s, which I can set to crop mode.  It's compact size and lightness make it ideal for exteriors and elevated shots.

6 - Nicefoto Nflash 680 is the "big gun" for my lighting needs.  Most people joke and tell me it is a megaphone (or some weird looking camera) but it actually is an extremely powerful, portable and cordless studio light.

7 - Yongnuo 560III flash is a small portable flash I use for smaller rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms.

8 - Metabones adapter, which allows me to use any Canon lens on my Sony camera.  The weird thing that looks like two feet coming out of it is it's own L bracket for mounting on the tripod.

9 - Belt loop holder for #6.  I do not use it a lot but it allows me to hang the studio light from my side when I do not want to carry it.

10 and 11 - Wireless receivers for Nflash (#6).  Number 10 is the backup and number 11 is the main one.

12 - Triggers that I use on the camera which communicate with #10 and/or #11 to fire my lights.

13 - SD cards (the digital version of rolls of film).  I carry at least three cards in my bag at all times.

14 - Samsung Pro 8.4 tablet allows me to trigger the camera remotely thanks to the Sony app, and receives the photo from the camera almost immediately after shooting so I can make adjustments.

15 - Rocketblower dust remover.  When dust shows up on the sensor, it is the first thing I reach for!

16 and 17 - Portable 5V batteries that I use to power my camera (and tablet if the battery runs low).

18 - "Smart" battery that allows me to hook up my 5V batteries.  I can shoot hour after hour before needing to switch batteries.

19 - Leveling cube that I can use to level the camera if I do not trust my eyes or the bubble level on the tripod.

20 - My bluetooth speaker--when I need some music I can connect to my phone or smartwatch and listen to my favorite '80s tunes!


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